Alcohol Free Wine and Pregnancy

We all know expecting mothers shouldn’t drink alcohol while pregnant.Doing so can cause serious harm to the mother and her unborn baby.


Because of this, some moms turn to non alcoholic drinks while they’re pregnant. But is alcohol free wine and pregnancy a safe combo?Let’s find out.

But first, a disclaimer. This article is for information purposes only and shouldn’t be viewed as health advice. Anyone who’s pregnant should speak with a licensed physician before making any changes to their diet.

Alcohol Free Wine and Pregnancy: Is It Safe?

There hasn’t been a lot of research done on alcohol free wine and pregnancy, so we can’t definitively say yes or no. As the non alcoholic industry continues to grow, some expecting mothers turn to alcohol free and non alcoholic drinks when they crave beer or wine.

But before we go into that, let’s look at the difference between alcohol free and non alcoholic wine.

For a wine to be alcohol free, it cannot have any alcohol content whatsoever. One of the telltale signs of a truly alcohol free drink is when the label says “0.0%.” This number stands for the alcohol by volume (ABV).

Non alcoholic drinks, on the other hand, contain traces of alcohol. In the United States, non alcoholic wine (and other beverages) can contain less than 0.5% ABV. While this percentage isn’t enough to cause intoxication, we simply don’t know what effects it can have on a fetus. With that said, there hasn’t been any real proof that drinking non alcoholic drinks while pregnant places mothers and their babies at risk.

So, Can You Drink Alcohol Free Wine While Pregnant?

That’s a question only your physician can answer. We recommend consulting a licensed medical professional before drinking alcohol free wine. There have mothers who switched to alcohol free and non alcoholic drinks once they got pregnant, and have given birth to healthy children. But we’re not doctors and aren’t in any position to give medical advice.

Only a doctor can make an informed decision based on your unique health circumstances.

Isn’t A Glass Of Alcoholic Wine Fine During Pregnancy?

Once again, we are not medical professionals and are unable to give you advice in this regard. In some populations, a glass of red wine is regarded as normal to consume during pregnancy. But a simple Google search will show you that there are plenty of dissenting opinions from reputable sources on this issue. It would seem that the very least you could do to avoid any complications with your pregnancy would be to cut out alcohol altogether.

That isn’t to say alcohol free wine is the obvious option to turn to when you are looking for something to sip on during your pregnancy. You should absolutely consult your doctor if you have even the slightest concern about something that you might be consuming while pregnant.

You may have heard that drinking wine in moderation is good for your heart.

Are There Any Benefits to Drinking Alcohol Free Wine?

Absolutely. You may have heard that drinking wine in moderation is good for your heart. That’s true, and you can get the same benefits from drinking wine that’s alcohol free.

A glass of alcohol free wine a day could lower your risk of heart disease and stroke by 15-20%.

Reducing your monthly alcohol consumption can…

  • Lower your chances of certain types of cancers
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Boost your mental clarity
  • Help you lose weight

While this doesn’t have anything to do with pregnancy, drinking alcohol free beverages can help you commit to healthy lifestyle choices. Some mothers drink alcohol free wine while pregnant and are surprised with how it tastes, and continue to drink it after pregnancy.

Is Alcohol Free Wine Worth Considering If You Are Pregnant?

Health debates aside, some people might be wondering if it is even worth it to consider drinking alcohol free wine. What’s the point? Isn’t alcohol one of the core ingredients that makes wine what it is, a satisfying adult beverage suitable for a wide range of scenarios? But if you are someone who has enjoyed a fine glass of Pinot Noir or Sauvignon Blanc for much of your life, there is probably more to it than simply the alcoholic buzz. Pregnancy can be a stressful period, and at some point what you want most might be the sense of normalcy that comes with a glass or two of quality vino.

But perhaps you’ve heard that alcohol free wine isn’t any good. Is it worth your time and money? For many years, the market for such a product was so small that there wasn’t much competition on the shelves. This means that the companies that were making alcohol free wine weren’t held to as high of a standard as they are these days. With many consumers placing an increased importance on health and wellness, the demand for these type of alternative products has skyrocketed. This has led to a more robust industry of alcohol free winemakers who are dedicating to making high-quality, delicious wine that places them at the forefront of a booming market.

At, we are committed to sampling all of the alcohol free wine that we can get our hands on in order to save you the time and effort that might be better spent focusing on your forthcoming child. There are plenty of great varieties on the shelves these days, but many individuals have no idea where to start when confronted with the idea of purchasing an alcohol free wine. If you’ve reached a point in your pregnancy when you would kill for a tasty red or a refreshing white but are unsure of the best alcohol free options, let us be your guide. Alcohol free wine might be exactly the option that you need to get through your pregnancy and back to the traditional wines that you know and love. The experts at lo2no are here to help.

Drinking Alcohol Free Wine While Pregnant

Anyone who’s been pregnant will tell you the cravings can be intense––and weird. Sometimes you may crave something like mangos and strawberries, or you could want something off the wall like pickles and ice cream.

Other times, you may have an intense craving for wine––and grape juice just won’t suffice. That’s why we’ve come up with a list of delicious wines that you can drink while pregnant.

1. Chateau De Fleur’s Non Alcoholic Sparkling Wine

Despite being labeled as non alcoholic, Chateau De Fleur’s wine is actually alcohol free. That’s right, it contains 0.0% ABV and tastes like a sweet champagne, offering subtle apple and beach flavors. Drink chilled, or if you’re in the mood for mimosas, mix it with orange juice.

2. Chateau Diana’s Zero Alcohol Red Wine

If you’re craving a full-bodied red wine, Chateau Diana has the perfect drink for you. This wine offers a mixture of pleasant flavors and aromas, including berries, plum, and even a subtle hint of tea and cola. It’s also a 0.0% ABV wine, which is great if you’re being cautious about drinking any alcohol, even the small traces found in non alcoholic wine.

3. Grüvi’s Non Alcoholic Dry Secco

Grüvi has been attracting a lot of attention in the non alcoholic beer industry for their range of delicious full-bodied beers, but they also make fantastic sparkling wine. Containing 0.0% ABV, Dry Secco has a semi-dry flavorthat gives a subtle floral and tart aftertaste. If you’re craving a good bubbly but you’re not a fan of sweet wines, this is the perfect drink for you.

4. ARIEL’s Cabernet Sauvignon

If you’re craving a Cabernet Sauvignon, some of the sweeter alcohol free wines aren’t going to cut it. You need something that’s going to taste like the real deal, and ARIEL delivers. While it isn’t a 0.0% wine, their Cabernet Sauvignon does have less than 0.5% ABV and hasthe taste and aroma you’re looking for.

And if you’re in the mood for white wine, ARIEL also makes a non alcoholic Chardonnay that comes highly recommended. 

5. St. Regis’ Dealcoholized Chardonnay

What’s better than sitting outside, sun shining, with a chilled Chardonnay in hand? It’s one of the best ways to enjoy the warmer months.

Just because you’re pregnant during this time of year doesn’t mean you have to give up Chardonnay. St. Regis makes a delicious wine with subtle hints of apple, pear, and oak. Despite being under 0.5% ABV, it tastes just like the real thing and pairs well with seafood and pasta.Or you can enjoy it by itself while you’re relaxing at home.

Don’t be surprised if you end up loving alcohol free wines and continue drinking them after you’ve given birth. Many mothers do.

Enjoy All Your Favorite Drinks, Minus the Alcohol

You don’t have to stop drinking wine just because you’re pregnant. As you can see, there’s a wide range of alcohol free and non alcoholic wines to choose from––and the list keeps growing.

Don’t be surprised if you end up loving alcohol free wines and continue drinking them after you’ve given birth. Many mothers do.

And remember to talk with your doctor if you have any questions or concerns. They can advise you on whether alcohol fee wine is a healthy alternative for you.