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LO2NO is the front door to the world of low-alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages. Learn about beers, wines and spirits that offer you the ritual of drinking without the negative side effects!

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The world of low-alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks has never been a more exciting place. We are not talking about O’Douls anymore—there are craft beers, sophisticated wines, and “can’t tell the difference” spirits that will have you thinking twice about alcohol again. Our goal at LO2NO is to showcase these exciting products and get you started, whatever you fancy. So go ahead, pull up a seat at the bar and enjoy this journey.

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We searched out the best low- and no-alcohol products we could find and wrote detailed reviews so you can better start (or continue) your journey. If you can’t find something, rest assured, we will be getting to it soon. Reviews are updated often and across categories, so check back.

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As your front door to the world of LO2No drinks, we don’t just provide you with reviews, but we also want you to learn and explore. Read some of our posts on everything from how NA beers are made to popular mocktails. If it’s NA or Low-alcohol, we’ve probably covered it!


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