7 Non Alcoholic Drinks to Order at a Bar

There’s never been a better time to be a designated driver than now.

Non-Alcoholic Drinks at a Bar

With a compound annual growth rate of 8.4% and an estimated market value of half a trillion dollars by 2025, it’s safe to say the non alcoholic industry is here to stay. Expect for the variety of non alcoholic drinks stocked at bars and stores to expand to keep up with market demand.

If you’re not a big alcohol drinker but you enjoy going to bars and clubs, this is great news. This means you aren’t forced to drink soft drinks or club soda while your friends enjoy delicious beers and cocktails. More bars are catering to their sober clients by offering a broader range of non alcoholic beer and mixed drinks.

In this post, we’ll look at some of the different types of non alcoholic drinks you can order next time you go to the bar.

Why Do People Order Non Alcoholic Drinks at a Bar?

The most obvious reason why someone would order a non alcoholic drink at a bar is because they’re the designated driver. And that is a good enough reason on its own, because it’s important to drink safely and responsibly.

There’s also been a cultural shift with Millennials and of-age Gen Zs. More people from these generations are making a concerted effort to be more health-conscious, which means cutting back on alcohol.

These groups also enjoy socializing in public settings like bars and clubs, and doing it completely sober. And many of them prefer more options than water, soda, and fruit juice.

Fortunately, the non alcoholic industry was quick to catch up to customer demand. This is why there’s a growing number of non alcoholic beer and wine varieties being sold at bars across the country.

More bars are catering to their sober clients by offering a broader range of non alcoholic beer and mixed drinks.

So, what are non alcoholic drinks to order at a bar?

1. Shirley Temple

The Shirley Temple has been the go-to non alcoholic drink for almost a century. Made from a mixture of grenadine, ice, and lemon-lime soda, the Shirley Temple is also one of the simplest non alcoholic drinks to make­­.

2. Non Alcoholic Moscow Mule

If you’re looking for something less basic than a Shirley Temple, try ordering a non alcoholic Moscow Mule. Made with ginger beer and lime juice, this drink looks and tastes just like the original, but without the vodka.

3. Virgin Mojito

Who doesn’t love the minty flavor of a good mojito?

Just because you’re skipping alcohol doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a mojito on your evening out. A virgin mojito made with mint, lemon, and club will satisfy your craving without giving you a sugar overload.

4. Any Drink with Non Alcoholic Spirits

Yes, you read that correctly. You can also drink non alcoholic spirits designed to mimic actual spirits and liqueurs. While it may seem like a strange idea, a shot of non alcoholic liquor will bring your alcohol-free cocktail to life. If you don’t want to mix it, then drink it straight.

Brands like Seedlip Distilled Non Alcoholic Spirits and Kin Euphorics have become popular for their non alcoholic spirits. Next time you visit a bar or restaurant, ask the bartender if they have any non alcoholic spirits on hand.

5. Non Alcoholic Beer

Non alcoholic beer has always been a thing. But it wasn’t until the past few years that the industry started catering to beer lovers. These days, every brewery is venturing into non alcoholic beer territory. There are even microbreweries that exclusively make non alcoholic beer.

If you’re a beer drinker looking to cut back on alcohol consumption, drink a non alcoholic beer. It offers the taste of a great beer minus the calories and side-effects that come with drinking alcohol. If you want some beer recommendations, check out our post on where to buy non alcoholic beer.

6. Non Alcoholic Wine

Even winemakers are experimenting with non alcoholic drinks, which is great news if you love a good Merlot or Chenin Blanc.

In the past, most people used grape juice as a wine substitute. But no matter how fresh the juice was, it just wasn’t the same as good wine.

As the demand for non alcoholic drinks increased, more winemakers started creating dealcoholized batches of wine. Popular brands include:

If you’re wondering what the difference between non alcoholic wine and grape juice is, they’re worlds apart. Most non alcoholic wines follow the same fermentation and aging process and regular wines. They have additional flavors and aromas that you won’t find in grape juice.

7. Sparkling Hemp Drinks

Who doesn’t love to wind down with a good drink? Alcoholic drinks help you relax because alcohol is a depressant. That’s why many people drink a glass of wine or a beer at the end of a long day.

You can enjoy that same mellow feeling with sparking hemp drinks. These non alcoholic tonic drinks contain CBD, a plant-based compound that’s also proven to help people feel calm and relaxed. Popular brands include:

These drinks offer the taste of an adult beverage with the relaxing kick of CBD.

If you don’t know, CBD is a compound found in hemp. It’s doesn’t have psychoactive effects like THC, the compound found in marijuana. What’s more, CBD is not a federally prohibited substance and studies indicate that it’s effective at reducing stress and anxiety.

Many companies that specialize in hemp drinks ship nationwide. With that said, if you’re unsure about your state’s stance on CBD, be sure to check your state and local laws before ordering.

Enjoy your night out without feeling left out.

Enjoying Your Night Out

As you can see, there are several non alcoholic beverages to choose from.

Whether you’re abstaining from alcohol for personal reasons or it’s simply your turn to be the designated driver, you have a variety of non alcoholic drinks at your disposal. 

Next time you go to the bar, make sure to ask the bartender or server what non alcoholic drinks they have. A growing number of beverage companies are expanding their product line to include non alcoholic variants­­­­­­, so there’s a good chance they can accommodate you.