Blue Moon LightSky Citrus Wheat


Blue Moon LightSky Citrus Wheat

Wheat Beer / Blue Moon Low / 4%

A new light and refreshing wheat beer from Blue Moon, brewed with real tangerine peel for a lighter, exceptional taste at only 95 calories.

Even the giants of the beer industry aren’t immune to the latest trends. There has been a clear shift recently, perhaps driven largely by the proliferation of hard seltzers, toward low-calorie, low-abv options. They are by no means going to begin dominating the field, but not wanting to miss out on the health-conscious market share, nearly every big brewery has begun to sell at least one easy-drinking offering. Even companies who are already in the business of approachable populist brews are crafting even lighter styles because they believe that is what the people want.

Blue Moon has become so ubiquitous across the United States that I’m not even sure if qualifies as a “craft” brewery. Their flagship Belgian white is a great, affordable option for people who want a little more flavor than domestic light beer but aren’t willing to branch out further toward more experimental and unique styles. To be perfectly honest, I can’t imagine someone seeing regular Blue Moon as too heavy and wanting to instead consume a more toned back version, but I suppose if you are really trying to cut calories or alcohol intake, you might want to take every little step possible. I will let you know if this option is worth your time through my Blue Moon LightSky Citrus Wheat review.

Blue Moon LightSky Citrus Wheat Review

I feel I have to come out and say something right up front. Traditional Blue Moon is one of my standby beers. I wouldn’t call it one of my favorites, but if I’m at an establishment without a large craft selection or I just want something in the fridge to give me refreshment after a long day, I often choose Blue Moon. To me, it is light and drinkable enough already. So I wonder exactly what more this offering will bring to the table.

The can comes with the standard Blue Moon design – a blue and white theme with dashes of orange – but with one huge difference. It is of the skinnier and taller variety, an obvious appeal to seltzer lovers. It lets us know that a can of this beer contains 95 calories and 3.6 grams of carbohydrates and is just 4 percent alcohol by volume. These numbers are pretty low but not extraordinarily so, leaving me optimistic that there will be plenty of flavor.

In a glass, this brew has a similar orange quality as its boozier mother beer but a noticeably lighter shade. There is a smidge of haze that likely comes from being brewed with tangerine peel but not much in terms of carbonation. A very small head forms atop the body and displays virtually no lacing or retention. The aroma is essentially what you would expect from Blue Moon but very drawn back. I think the tangerine character is perhaps a bit richer than the flagship’s valencia orange, but it is not fully unleashed on the nose. I think I get a touch of grass but virtually no hops or malt.

The appearance and aroma aren’t giving away much in terms of how this beer differs from the “heavier” version. I will have to rely almost entirely on the tasting experience to determine, “Is Blue Moon LightSky Citrus Wheat good?”

Is Blue Moon LightSky Citrus Wheat Good?

I wouldn’t exactly say that my mind was blown, but upon tasting I am actually taken aback by how much I enjoy this beer. I am a bit surprised by how much character it has, but perhaps I shouldn’t be. Compared to the the 5.4 percent abv of Blue Moon Belgian White, this isn’t THAT much lighter, so it makes sense that it retains most of the tasty flavor profile. I guess I was just expecting something of a seltzer quality that luckily isn’t there.

As I suspected when taking in the aroma, I do believe that the tangerine used in the brewing process has more depth than the valencia. And because the body is lighter, it is able to break through more easily. There is a hint of that grassiness that I sensed on the nose.

Complexity is typically lauded in the beer industry, and I am no exception to that rule. But there is something to be said for doing a couple of basic things correctly and then just removing anything that might get in the way. Blue Moon is one of those brands who has effectively removed nearly all of the hops, malt, and wort so as not to trifle with the drinkable fruity wheat. Even the citrus lacks much sweetness.

The I am a big proponent of crisp, clean finishes, but Blue Moon is one beer that I don’t mind lingering a bit on the tongue, as it is simply the pleasant citrus character that does so. That is no different here, leaving you with a lasting refreshment

So the obvious answer to the question is yes, this brew is very clearly good. But just how good? Finish reading the final section of this review to find out where I ended up for my final Blue Moon LightSky Citrus Wheat rating.

Blue Moon LightSky Citrus Wheat Rating

As such a fan of Blue Moon Belgian White, I think I am probably in a good position to compare and contrast this new lighter version. But honestly there isn’t all that much on which to elaborate. It has many of the same qualities as the company’s flagship, but even improves upon it in some small senses. I think the citrus character is better and don’t feel like I need to add an actually orange slice to the rim as I do with the white. And while the white would never be considered a heavy sipper, this one has even more going for it in terms of drinkability and refreshment.

I really did not expect to be doing this as I came in this process, but I will be wrapping up this Blue Moon LightSky Citrus Wheat review by awarding it a full 5 out of 5 stars. Turns out the beer makers seasoned in crafting a delicious light option are also experts at lightening it even more.


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