Kul Mocks Blackberry Mock-jito


Kul Mocks Blackberry Mock-jito

Mojito / KUL MOCKS NA / 0.0%

Original hand-crafted cocktails, without the alcohol. Perfect for weekends on the lake, tailgates, hanging with friends and family or spending time relaxing at home, KUL MOCKS is the new refreshing line of beverages to drink when looking to socialize without sacrificing tomorrow (full social experience + no hangover = winning!).

There is a certain segment of the population for which canned cocktails, seltzers, and the like are practically a way of life. They transport easily. They chill fast. They are suitable for everything from a family reunion to a day out boating on the lake. As these types of beverages have become more and more popular, plenty of new companies have popped up to meet that demand with even more supply. Those looking to be part of the party without consuming the alcohol that comes along with those drinks are often limited to bringing their own soda or some other boring beverage. But now brands are arising to serve up tasty canned mocktails, so everyone can feel like they fit in.

Kul Mocks is one of these brands. I have previously sampled their Strawberry Mock-arita and their Mock Mule. While they were both delicious, and surprisingly healthy drinks, I did find that they came up short in their attempts to mimic alcoholic cocktails. So your level of satisfaction with those mocktails might come down to what you are looking for from them. Today I will be trying out the third, and final, flavor that they currently offer. Mojitos are not typically a cocktail that I turn to very often, but I will be entering into this Kul Mock Blackberry Mock-jito review with an open mind. Let’s see how it shakes out.

Kul Mocks Blackberry Mock-jito Review

The primary marketing strategy for Kul Mocks revolves around how healthy these beverages are compared to alcoholic canned cocktails or even other drinks in this NA world. The label on the can is littered with bullet points telling us that this mocktail is gluten free, non-GMO, and contains zero artificial sweeteners. The nutritional label lets us know that there are just 50 calories and 10 grams of sugar per can, very low numbers for this type of product. The can also says this drink is 0.00 percent alcohol by volume which is somewhat notable because it must only be below 0.5 to receive non-alcoholic classification.

The cans are also designed to catch the customer’s eye on the shelf. This one has a purple color scheme, with a delicious-looking piece of artwork on the front depicting this drink poured into a glass with lime and blackberry garnishes. If Kul Mocks can continue to combine tasty and healthy, then I don’t think they have to worry so much about accurately imitating a traditional cocktail. They might even be better off removing the specificity from their variety names to temper expectations.

Appearance and aroma aren’t exactly of the utmost importance when it comes to a drink like this, but they might tip me off to whether this flavor will follow the same trends that I found in the previous two that I sample. Fittingly, this beverage has a beautiful reddish-purple blackberry color with a fair amount of carbonation on the pour. The berry also comes through well on the nose, but there are a good bit more to the lime citrus notes than I anticipated. There is something else present in the aroma that I can’t quite pin down, perhaps a bit of spice.

Ultimately all of this means very little compared to what the flavor profile ends up presenting on the tongue. The only way to begin answering the question, “Is Kul Mocks Blackberry Mock-jito good?” is by digging in and taking the first swig.


Is Kul Mocks Blackberry Mock-jito Good?

It didn’t take long for me to be delightfully surprised by what this mocktail gave me. Unlike the two other varieties of Kul Mocks beverages, this one is clearly at least making a strong effort to mimic the alcoholic cocktail that it is named after. It actually has some real characteristics of a mojito.

The lime gladly takes a back seat to the berry notes. What I couldn’t identify earlier becomes rather obvious on the tongue. It is the mint element that makes a mojito what it is. I am a bit curious where that mint comes from on the ingredient list, because it is not apparent, but it is definitely there in a nice balanced level. There’s actually a little cough syrup flavor quality, but it’s pleasant.

This, perhaps strangely, results in something that isn’t quite as refreshing and drinkable as the other offerings. I don’t think either approach is inherently better than the other, but they are different and certain people might prefer one over the other. This one is good for people who want to feel like their drinking a cocktail without all the booze and other adverse health effects. There is a minor bite where it begins to hit the throat, and that’s where I feel most of the difference.

As is the case with all of the Kul Mocks options, the texture and mouthfeel are very good. These types of drinks can easily get lost in a syrupy sweetness, but the lack of artificial sweeteners prevents that from happening while still maintaining a level of drinkability.

This variety takes a small step in a different direction from the other flavors, but is that ultimately good or bad, and what does it mean for my final Kul Mocks Blackberry Mock-jito rating? Let’s find out.


Kul Mocks Blackberry Mock-jito Rating

I suppose the ultimate goal of a company like this is right there in the name. Kul Mocks. Mocktails. Mock cocktails. This would lead customers to believe that their priority is to create a product that resembles a real cocktail but simply without the booze. That was not exactly what I was finding with my previous tasting experiences, but this one achieved that quite well. I think it strikes a really good balance of resembling a traditional mojito enough, while also being a nice refreshing beverage perfect for a day at the beach. Toss a bunch of these in a cooler, and don’t worry about picking a designated driver. You will still enjoy your day despite being sober as a judge.

All of the Kul Mocks varieties are quite delicious and don’t fall into the sweetness traps that can easily befall this types of beverages. This one additionally stands out as a relatively accurate mocktail. And that’s why I’m going to end this Kul Mocks Blackberry Mock-jito review by awarding it a full 5 out of 5 stars.


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