Libra Lime Lager


Libra Lime Lager

Lager / Libra NA / <0.5%

Experience a revitalizing infusion of zesty lime and a subtle sea salt touch, crafting a symphony of flavors that are citrusy, crisp, and tantalizingly tart. Embrace the essence of summer with this non-alcoholic delight, designed to refresh and invigorate during the sun-soaked months.

Ah, the essence of summer captured in a single sip—a testament to the sun-kissed days and balmy evenings. In the realm of refreshing NA libations, a good summer beer stands as an ambassador of leisure, a concoction that bridges the gap between the sweltering sun and the cool embrace of relaxation. And this summer, Libra’s Lime Lager emerges as a worthy addition to the scene, offering an ode to the season with its vibrant notes and invigorating presence.

One blistering summer evening, as the sun finally started its retreat, I went out to my back patio to enjoy my first can of Lime Lager. With a promise of lime and salt, it seemed like a fitting choice. As I cracked open the can, I found myself transported from the sweltering reality to a momentary oasis, right there on my back patio. The beer’s unique combination of flavors not only quenched my thirst but also offered a small yet impactful escape from the relentless heat of that summer day.

Libra is a Canadian brand, with a common story: Frustrated by the absence of a satisfying non-alcoholic craft beer, the brewers at Upstreet Brewing took matters into their own hands to create Libra. They claim it’s not just a beverage, but a quest for balance—bridging social life and busy schedules, fun and responsibilities. Brewed like traditional craft beer, Libra retains the genuine taste.

Libra Lime Lager Review

Most instinctively reach for a tangy margarita or a refreshing chilled rosé to quench their thirst on a balmy summer evening. However, in the Lo2No world, a crisp non-alcoholic beer proves to be an equally delightful choice. With its crisp finish and summer-forward flavors, it offers a gratifying experience, demonstrating that a drink doesn’t need alcohol to capture the essence of summer relaxation.

The can draws you in with it’s beach umbrella and red ball of sun. I don’t love the hastily applied label, which is common on many NA brands, as it makes the beer appear to be fleeting. As if the brewers don’t know whether this beer will be around in the months to come. Take a stand and print on the can… I digress…

Once you crack the can you are met with a tart and zesty nose that follows itself right up on the taste as well. It almost reminds me of a more flavor forward sparkling water or hop water and I mean that in a good way. This thing is easy to drink and drink fast. It definitely can be a good companion on a warm day.

Is Libra Lime Lager Good?

If the setting is right, this is an excellent beer. I don’t think this is something you cozy up around a fireplace with, but I do think this makes a great day drinking beer. The team does a pretty good job calling it what it is on the label: “recharge with this refreshing and zesty lime lager…” It feels like it could be an after workout thirst quencher that replenishes the sodium levels lost to the heat and sun. I dare you to have just one could also be on the label, it’s that drinkable.

Let’s get to the next section and see my Libra Lime Lager rating.

Libra Lime Lager Rating

I have to say kudos to our northern neighbors for a job well done on this one. I don’t think the beer will score high marks for complexity or comparison to its alcoholic cousins, but I also don’t think it’s trying to do that. This is a beer that is best served chilled and in a six pack. Bring it to the beach, drink it on the back patio, and you’ll appreciate it for what it is.

I enjoyed my night outside with Libra and I am grateful it helped me keep my cool on a hot summer night, so I am giving it a 5/5.

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