Seedlip Citrus

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Seedlip Citrus

Citrus / Seedlip NA / 0.0%

A sophisticated, bright, citrus blend of Mediterranean Orange, Lemon Peel, Lemongrass and Ginger with a dry finish.

Seedlip Citrus:

We had a backyard rendezvous with friends on a weeknight. I wanted to enjoy a beverage with them, but had a meeting early the next morning. I also try to limit my caloric intake after dinner. Seedlip Citrus was my go-to as it provided the ritual of a drink with friends that left me sated, but didn’t impact my sleep or, more importantly, my presence in the meeting. This Seedlip Grove 42 Citrus review reflects my experience with the spirit.

Is Seedlip Grove 42 Citrus Good?

When you first purchase a 700ml bottle of Seedlip, you will notice that it’s one of the more beautiful bottles of liquor around. It resonates as a high-end brand, with a intricately designed label, a bronze bottle topper, and a paper seal securing the unopened bottle. This is no plastic bottle either, it is heavy glass that weighs more than you would expect from a small bottle. Seedlip is proud of their designation as a non-alcoholic spirit detailing that they are the “world’s first”. Also of note, the spirit contains no sugar, sweetener, artificial flavors and has zero calories.

The spirit’s main ingredient is water and then contains natural botanical distillates like Mediterranean Orange, Lemon Peel, Ginger, and Lemongrass. These botanicals make up 15% of the ingredients and balance well. In my Seedlip Citrus experience, those botanicals certainly present themselves in a pleasant and interesting way. One caveat though, if you equate cost with a buzz, then this isn’t for you. At $32 on the Seedlip website, some people might consider the cost too high for something that has water as its main ingredient. If you appreciate the ritual and like a relaxing drink any time during the day (one of the beautiful things about NA spirits), then this just might be for you.

I made a simple cocktail that was one part Seedlip to three parts soda water with ice to give the drink a chance to shine on its own without masking the true essence. This is also what’s recommended on the side of the bottle. The citrus taste is mild, but hits your palette with a smokey, orange peel flavor. The taste stays with you for several seconds, but it does not burn like alcohol. I could have probably turned up the volume on the seedlip to soda water ratio to take in more of the flavor, but the subtlety left me satisfied and wanting more. The cocktail was not unlike those alcoholic cousins which include bitters.

Seedlip Grove 42 Citrus Review

I didn’t have many expectations for what a non-alcoholic spirit should taste like before my Seedlip Grove 42 Citrus review. The one big question I had was if it would have a “bite” like traditional spirits. After drinking it once with friends and then later individually I found myself looking forward to a non-alcoholic cocktail as if it was a treat no different from its alcoholic cousin.

I did answer my question about the bite. It is not present in this spirit, but what it lacks in bite it makes up for with subtle complexity. When mixed with simple soda water, it’s not like a flavored sparkling water—it’s more refined. It doesn’t come in with a punch, but it stays on the palate longer.

As this was my first experience with I don’t have anything like it to compare it against, but individually, I would call it good. It’s certainly not for everybody, but it helps open up the reporitare for non-alcoholic beverages. It’s an amazing time we live in that we can get beers, wine, and spirits without the alcohol. I don’t consider this an everyday pleasure like an NA beer, but it could make a regular appearance once or twice per week.

Seedlip Grove 42 Citrus Rating

I found Seedlip Grove 42 to be an interesting first foray into non-alcoholic spirits. As the self-proclaimed “world’s first distilled non-alcoholic spirits” I guess there was no better place to start. Being manufactured in the UK, at first glance it does remind me of some of the fine gins made in the same country. It has that premium appearance and the premium price tag to come along with it. When you open the bottle and pour a cocktail, it feels like you are going to be in for a treat. And when you actually have a taste you realize that your drinking something entirely new—hard to draw direct comparisons, but close enough that it feels special. Maybe I am in my honeymoon phase with these spirits, but on my 1- to 5-star rating scale, I give Seedlip Grove 42 Citrus a 5. If you are exploring the NA spirits world for the first time, give it a try. It may not blow you away, but it shouldn’t disappoint either.



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