What Is Non Alcoholic Beer?

First, it was craft beer, then craft gin was all the rage. Now, the biggest trend in the beverage industry is non alcoholic beer and it doesn’t look like it’s going away any time soon.

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If you started noticing non alcoholic beer at your local supermarket, gas station, or liquor store, congratulations. You picked up on the latest trend.Non alcoholic and low alcohol (nolo) beverages are becoming increasingly popular, which is why more brewers are expanding their catalog of non alcoholic beer.

If you’re new to the non alcoholic industry, you may have some misconceptions about nolo beers. After all, the market was completely different five years ago. In this post, we’re going to look at what non alcoholic beer is and whether it’s a suitable alternative to regular beer.

What Is Non Alcoholic Beer Made Of?

A common misconception people have about non alcoholic beer is that it’s made differently than regular beer. The truth is that they’re both made virtually the same way, using the same type of ingredients:

  • Water
  • Grains
  • Hops
  • Yeast

Despite having the nickname “near beer,”non alcoholic beer is actual beer. With that said, nolo beers aren’t made exactly the same as regular beer­­––but it’s similar. Their brewing process typically involves an extra step for removing the alcohol, or to inhibit the formation of alcohol during fermentation.

If you tried the handful of non alcoholic beers on the market a decade ago, you might be skeptical to compare non alcoholic beer to the real deal. But keep in mind that the non alcoholic beer industry has grown exponentially within the past five years, and is expected to become a $6.4 billion industry in North America by 2026.

For beer enthusiasts, a robust non alcoholic market means having access to a greater variety of nolo beers. It also means there will be a greater emphasis on advancing the technology and techniques used to create non alcoholic beer. This is precisely why the non alcoholic beer you drink today tastes better than the old non alcoholic brands of yesteryear.

Naturally, one would assume that there isn’t any alcohol in a non alcoholic beer. But that isn’t entirely true­.

The Technical Side of Non Alcoholic Beer

Another misconception people have about non alcoholic beer is its alcohol content.

The name non alcoholic says it all, right? Naturally, one would assume that there isn’t any alcohol in a non alcoholic beer. But that isn’t entirely true­.Non alcoholic beer has traces of alcohol leftover from the brewing process, but it’s hardly enough to have aneffect on you.

In the United States, a beer must have an alcohol content below 0.5% before it’s legally considered non alcoholic. But non alcoholic isn’t the same as alcohol-free or zero-alcohol. For a beer to be considered zero-alcohol, it must not have any alcohol whatsoever. The United Kingdom follows similar guidelines for non alcoholic beverages, but they allow beers under 0.05% to be classified a zero-alcohol.

For comparison, the average beer has between 4-5% alcohol. While non alcoholic beer does contain traces of alcohol, the average person can’t become intoxicated from drinking nolo beer.

In one study, participants drank 1.5 liters of 0.4% non alcoholic beer and had their blood alcohol content (BAC) measured an hour later. None of the participants’ BAC levels were beyond 0.0056%, which is seven times lower than a 0.04% BAC level––where people start to feel a buzz from alcohol.

Basically, it’s impossible to get drunk from non alcoholic beer. The reason for this is related to your metabolism. Your body immediately starts to process alcohol as soon as you drink beer. Because non alcoholic beer has lower alcohol content than regular beer, your body metabolizes it faster than you can drink enough to get buzzed.

What Is Non Alcoholic Beer and Its Benefits?

Many people have this misconception that reducing alcohol intake means walking away from beer (and other popular adult beverages). In actuality, beer lovers still enjoy the taste of an ice-cold beer without drinking alcohol. Even better, there are several benefits that come from drinking non alcoholic beer, such as:

  • Lower caloric intake: Many non alcoholic beers have fewer calories than their alcoholic counterparts, meaninghealth-conscious beer lovers can enjoy their beer without any of the guilt
  • Helping curb alcohol consumption:Non alcoholic beer offers the taste of delicious beer without the intoxicating side effects, making it ideal for anyone trying to cut down on alcohol consumption
  • Health benefits: Drinking non alcoholic beer can lower your chances of heart disease, boost your immune system, and give you a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals
  • Keeping you hydrated: The alcohol in beer is a diuretic, which is why people tend to urinate when drinking beer. Non alcoholic beer doesn’t do this, and can even help maintain electrolyte homeostasis
  • No hangovers: Since you can’t get drunk from non alcoholic beer, you never have to worry about hangovers the next day. You can wake up feeling refreshed and headache-free

Why Drink Non Alcoholic Beer?

Have you ever looked at a pack of non alcoholic beer and thought, “why would anyone buy that?”

The truth is that people drink non alcoholic beer for a number of reasons. Sometimes it’s because they want a beer, but can’t drink alcohol because they’re driving. They could be cutting back on alcohol for health reasons, or they don’t drink because of personal or religious beliefs.

Whatever the case, one thing’s for certain––people drink non alcoholic beer because they love the taste of beer.

Thanks to advancements in brewing technology, non alcoholic beer offers the same rich taste and aroma as traditional beer

Recap: What Is Non Alcoholic Beer?

In short, non alcoholic beer is a type of beer that has an alcohol content lower than 0.5%. Thanks to advancements in brewing technology, non alcoholic beer offers the same rich taste and aroma as traditional beer––making it a popular alternative for drinkers who enjoy beer, but don’t want to become intoxicated.

Because the non alcoholic beer industry has rapidly expanded over the past few years, there’s a wider range of products available on the market. This means you can find a non alcoholic beer for any type of flavor profile.

If you’re interested in trying non alcoholic beer, look for it at your liquor store or supermarket.Alternatively, you can order non alcoholic beer onlinefrom brewers and popular beverage retailers.