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Copenhagen Company Sparkling Tea

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BLÅ is the perfect alcohol-free aperitif. It also pairs beautifully with various starters, vegetarian or light mains, and most desserts.

Copenhagen Company Sparkling Tea is meant to impress. From a heavy 750ml green glass bottle to a textured, elegant label, this is meant to be an experience like opening up a nice bottle of champagne to celebrate. The cork is a champagne cork, the “pop” sound of removing the cork is reminiscent of its alcoholic cousin and the price point ($30+) is certainly getting into classy territory.

It’s with that in mind that I found myself looking for the right moment to open this beverage. It had been chilling in the wine fridge, but I kept staring at it, wondering when it was time. Well I was celebrating a milestone with my family and I thought this was my chance. I watched their online video on properly opening the foil, the thin metal cage and finally popping the cork. We gathered our white wine glasses and poured the bubbly to kick off our celebration.

I was hard-pressed to categorize this drink. It’s not technically a sparkling wine, it’s not a spirit, but it certainly isn’t just a run-of-the-mill tea either. I decided to call it a NA wine because that’s the experience it best lends itself towards and I think that’s the experience Copenhagen Company would want to portray to its consumers.

Copenhagen Company Sparkling Tea Review

A little bit about what’s in this sparkling tea. It’s a combination of jasmine, darjeeling, white and green tea. It also contains some grape must and lemon juice for additional sweetness and flavor profile as well as CO2 to give it that effervescence. It’s notable that the ingredients are USDA certified organic. The company calls its blend a Nordic innovation combined with Asian tea traditions. And by this they mean they are sourcing the highest quality ingredients and then using complex methods to brew the tea and blend it for consumption.

The final product once poured supports the pomp and circumstance that comes with their descriptions of their processes and products. People wouldn’t be able to notice a visual difference between Copenhagen Company Sparkling Tea and a fine champagne if both were poured into a flute and served chilled at a dinner party. Upon each pour you will see a very light head that forms at the top and quickly disperses, while the little carbonation bubbles continue to rise from the bottom of the glass. Enough about the company and the appearance, now onto the question of whether Copenhagen Sparkling Tea is good.

Is Copenhagen Sparkling Tea Good?

After a steady pour and enjoying the visuals aspects of the tea, the next question is “what’s the nose like?”. The answer to me is fruity, lively and sweet. It’s like smelling a blooming flower in spring — organic and earthy, but also pleasant.

And the taste is unlike any other beverage we’ve reviewed on this site. The sweetness hits immediately (5g of sugar per 100ml) and the tea flavor follows. That instant sweetness almost tastes like a cola, but softer. Next, I noticed the hints of white tea most over black and green, but that’s just a flavor profile I tend to easily recognize. It goes down easily, so easily in fact that I had family clamoring for a second (and third) glass soon after the first one was consumed.

Everyone agreed that this fit in well with any traditional alcoholic beverages we would used to celebrate an occassion like a champagne or nice bottle of white or rosé. But to the point about going down easily, because it doesn’t have the bite of an alcoholic beverage or a Jukes sparkling (which has ACV as it’s core ingredient), it can be easier to gulp than to sip and enjoy. It’s simply an observation and doesn’t mean that it necessarily needs to drink like a different type of beverage.

Copenhagen Company Sparkling Tea Rating

As mentioned earlier, Copenhagen Sparkling Tea is quite unique. You can’t simply classify it as a tea or an NA wine, but it’s more of an innovation and an exercise is marketing and branding. That I waited for the right occassion to consume says a lot about this product. It’s not an everyday drinker, but one that you lay down for a bit until the moment hits.

I really liked the packaging and labeling. I liked the experience of opening the drink with a pop (and an audience) and we all went through the bottle with ease agreeing that it was really good and relatively unique. It’s so close to a five star beverage for me, but I have to remove one star simply because it’s quite sweet. If you have a sweet tooth or enjoy dessert drinks, sodas and the like, this might be the perfect NA celebratory drink for you. For me, it was just a bit too much and left my teeth feeling a little worse for the wear after a few glasses. For this reason, I give Copenhagen Company Sparkling Tea a 4/5 rating. It’s definitely worth a try and it’s sure to impress those at the party!

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