Gruvi Non-Alcoholic Pale Ale


Gruvi Non-Alcoholic Pale Ale

Pale Ale / Gruvi NA / <0.5%

Our mission is simple- help others be healthy and stay social, one drink at a time. We sought to create a line of craft, non-alcoholic beers and wine because you deserve it. Your health is your wealth, and the beverage you consume shouldn’t compromise that.

For a long time, I was not aware of the true differences between a simple pale ale and an IPA. I am still no expert on the fermentation process and all of those details, but it seems that the differences for the consumer can essentially be boiled down to hops. Pale ales tend to be on the lighter side and easier to take down, while india pale ales have more hop bitterness to them, which might make them more of a slow sipper. While IPAs have dominated the craft beer industry for years now, pale ales have their fair share of the market as well. This is no different in the world of non-alcoholic brews. The years of tamed down domestic lagers are in the past, and IPAs are king, but there is still room for lighter-bodied pale ales.

Gruvi has become to make a name for themselves, in large part due to strong marketing and social media presence, in the NA craft beer scene. You may have seen them and their bold labels on the shelf at the liquor store. While they have a good range of beer options available, and even some bubbly wine, it seems wise of me to start with the flagships. I came away from tasting their IPA fairly satisfied and will now do my best to compare that experience to their pale ale with this Gruvi Non-Alcoholic Pale Ale review.

Gruvi Non-Alcoholic Pale Ale Review

While I just mentioned comparing this pale ale to the IPA I previously sampled, it will also be important for me to see if this brew stands on its own merits. This may prove challenging as they are of such similar styles, but ultimately most consumers aren’t doing taste tests of the two. They just want something that satisfies their taste buds without the negative effects of alcohol.

In terms of appearance, the Gruvi Pale Ale can is perhaps not as bright as some of the other varieties but still has plenty of boldness. The color of the label falls somewhere between sky blue and lavender and contains a good amount of negative space, drawing the eye to the snazzy logo on the front. Not much else resides on the can other than a generic blurb about their goals as beer makers and a note that this serving contains just 60 calories.

Upon pouring, this pale ale develops a nice foamy head, but it doesn’t have a lot of retention to it, and the lacing is practically non-existent. I am a bit surprised by the shade of the liquid in the glass. It appears a fairly deep orange in color with a generous amount of haziness that I really did not expect from a simple pale ale, giving off the suggestion that there might be some considerable citrus flavors within.

The aromas present are very familiar but have a little uniqueness to them. The strong vegetal notes are a bit worrying, but those don’t always follow through. While there is plenty of citrus, it strikes me as more bitter, perhaps leaning toward grapefruit. And while it could be mistaken for common grassiness, I’m getting more of a pine note, which is more appealing to me personally.

But none of this means anything compared to the flavors in the mouth. Let’s dig in and answer the question, “Is Gruvi Non-Alcoholic Pale Ale good?”

Is Gruvi Non-Alcoholic Pale Ale Good?

You could easily be fooled by the aroma of this beer, but I was able to, literally, sniff out some of the deception, and the flavors on the tongue follow my expectations pretty accurately. The vegetal quality remains but takes a welcomed backseat that makes it less bothersome on the tongue than it perhaps was on the nose.

Citrus, on the other hand, steps forward but does a great job of stopping short of being overwhelming. A similar thing happened with the Gruvi IPA, but in comparison that one may have come off a bit strong, while this one settles in nicely with that grapefruit bitterness. As I identified on the aroma, there is a pleasant pine backbone underlying everything else. I don’t find significantly more or less hoppiness in this offering than in the IPA, but I believe that to be more a product of that brew having too little than this one having too much.

In terms of body, this pale ale is on the lighter side of medium and even has just a slight hint of watery quality. I know that can be the death knell for any beer, but it is very minor here and doesn’t ruin the experience at all. The citrus flavors are still full and refreshing while remaining very drinkable. Finish is extremely important to me, and Gruvi seems to have found a way to make theirs perfectly clean despite not having the sharpest, most crisp point to it. I am a big fan.

It is tough to find a lot wrong with this brew, and it actually corrects a few of the problems that I encountered with the IPA, while also having a slightly different intention to it. This beer will be scoring highly with me. Finish reading to find out just how high my Gruvi Non-Alcoholic Pale Ale rating is.

Gruvi Non-Alcoholic Pale Ale Rating

Having now sampled two different beers, as well as one of their bubbly wines, it is clear to me that Gruvi knows what they are doing in terms of making a flavorful, quality beverage sans alcohol. I have walked away impressed with every offering of theirs that I have tried and look forward to seeing what else is on deck.

Final judgement all comes down to what you are looking for. In a pale ale, I am not seeking out a tremendous amount of hops or malt. I want something that combines a variety of other flavors in good balance and goes down easy while still reminding me that there are hops present. This brew ticks all of those boxes quite well. And that is why I will end this Gruvi Non-Alcoholic Pale Ale review by awarding it a full 5 out of 5 stars.

If you’d like to purchase Gruvi products, they can all be ordered directly from their website.


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