Sunny With a Chance of Flowers Pinot Noir


Sunny With a Chance of Flowers Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir / Sunny With a Chance of Flowers Low / 9%

Sunny Pinot Noir is a riveting red wine full of juicy berry flavors and pure joy. Sweet black cherry kicks off the palate, followed by luscious pomegranate and a hint of toasted oak

There are a number of different stages that seemingly every wine drinker goes through. First, you drink cheaper wines, perhaps at a party, a nice dinner, or snuck from your parents stash. The buzz is more important than the flavor at this point. As your pallette develops, it becomes more about the tasting than the alcohol content. But it is at this point that wine begins tasting so good that it’s easy to knock back a bottle over the course of a night.

Though it may seem like a bit of an odd idea at first, this is precisely why low-calorie, low-abv wine is a terrific option for those who regularly imbibe. When consuming a fair bit of wine, it’s quite nice to still get most of the flavor characteristics without all those extra calories and the other detrimental health effects that come with large amount of alcohol. There are important benefits to be had by consuming red wine frequently. And now there are plenty of tasty varieties on the market that come with a nice reduced abv level. Even classical styles, such as Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon. Through this Sunny With a Chance of Flowers Pinot Noir review, I will let you know if this is one of those worthwhile offerings.

Sunny With a Chance of Flowers Pinot Noir Review

It’s actually a bit confusing to figure out what the brand name of this wine truly is. The label tells us that it is produced and bottled by Sunny Wine Co. out of Greenfield, California. The name Positively Pinot Noir is also present on both the front and back label. Sunny With a Chance of Flowers is evidently the name of this specific varietal. I’m not sure if that clears anything up.

The label artwork could be described as fun and playful. An array of colorful stripes and shapes surround a childish font. A stamp on the label says this wine is certified sustainable, and the nutritional stats – 85 calories per serving and just 9 percent alcohol – are presented right up front. The neck of the bottle is also ringed with the phrase “The glass is half full.”

Poured into a glass, this wine doesn’t appear quite as deep of a red as I expect from a typical Pinot Noir. Rather it is a medium shade with a fair amount of translucence. This evokes in me thoughts of some lighter berries. Luckily, there are no tasting notes on the bottle to spoil the experience. Though it does say there is zero residual sugar, so I can make some assumptions.

The aroma fulfills many of my expectations, as there is a generous amount of dry black cherry up front. Really a stronger nose than is typical in something with reduced calorie content. Digging deeper, there are some mixed berry notes underneath the cherry, perhaps raspberry and maybe shades of cranberry. Even subtler is just the faintest hint of spice. Put all this together and it seems like a wine tailored to my personal tastes.

This is all well and good, but the only way to truly answer the question, “Is Sunny With a Chance of Flowers Pinot Noir good?” is by taking the first sip.


Is Sunny With a Chance of Flowers Pinot Noir Good?

After savoring a full glass, I have to say that my answer to this question is…”sure.” The most noticeable thing right away on the lips is that the strong cherry aroma does not follow through. This allows some of the berry notes to take up a little more space, but ultimately all of these elements are a bit too subdued.

Likewise, the spice that I discovered on the nose and was excited to taste is also nearly non-existent. What results isn’t necessarily a bad flavor profile but rather one that leaves me wanting.

The dryness does come through as expected, and it is quite nice, not at all chalky. The mouthfeel overall is one of the strongest aspects of this particular wine. The body is rather light, allowing one to continue drinking without getting overpowered by anything.

The finished, which is a very important element to me, comes in right down the middle. There is some lingering berry on the tongue, but that dryness goes sharply enough to reset your pallette for the next sip.

In total, the profile has some complexity, but there is no hierarchy of flavors, which means that nothing stands out, and the result is a mixture that is just good enough. A solid foundation that could easily be built upon.

What does all of this mean for my final Sunny With a Chance of Flowers Pinot Noir rating? Finish reading below to find out.

Sunny With a Chance of Flowers Pinot Noir Rating

In many ways, this particular Pinot Noir is a perfect example of the good and bad things that can come from a wine with reduced sugar and alcohol content. It maintains many of the positive characteristics of a quality red wine, particularly in its aroma and mouthfeel. This is in contrast to something like fully dealcoholized wine, which tends to lose a lot of that character through the booze removal process. However, through the tasting experience, I found that the good things about this wine don’t stand up quite tall enough to overcome the areas where it is lacking.

If the flavor profile followed the nose just a little bit more, it would be a very strong effort. There are a number of appealing pieces that do enough to make this drinkable but don’t come together enough to make it remarkable in any substantial way. If this were a dealcoholized offering, the curve that I grade on would earn this dry red very high marks. But that same leniency doesn’t extend to wine that is simply contains a reduction in alcohol and calories. This leads me to arrive at a score of 3 out of 5 stars to wrap up my Sunny With a Chance of Flowers Pinot Noir review. By no means offensive, this offering could stand to improve in a number of ways.


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