Low-Alcohol Wine Reviews

Low Alcohol Wine Reviews That Make It Easy To Choose Your Next Bottle

You might be familiar with mocktails (or cocktails made without alcohol), but are you familiar with low-alcohol wines yet? These wines have a lower ABV than traditional wine — typically from about 6 to 10%. While this may not seem like a huge difference (regular wine generally falls at about 13.5%), choosing a low-alcohol wine allows you to have another glass tonight without the pounding headache tomorrow. 

For those who are new to the category, welcome! If you have knowledge of traditional wines, you’ll already be familiar with the basics of low-alcohol wines — the varietals are the same, the process is largely the same. The only thing missing is the alcohol. Several varietals of wine are naturally low-alcohol, including gamay (especially French gamay), vinho verde, and riesling; however, wine has the capacity to produce wildly different ABVs from year to year, meaning that you shouldn’t just grab the first bottle of vinho verde you see. Instead, low-alcohol wine reviews can help you make a great choice, whether you’re looking for a fruity red, a tart white, a fizzy rose, or anything else you might be craving.

How Are The Best Low Alcohol Wines Produced?

Low-alcohol wine is made by the same process as regular wine. Because the alcohol content is tied directly to the amount of sugar that’s available during the fermentation process, the key is to control the amount of sugar. This can be done during the winemaking process by stopping fermentation at a certain point. 

It can also be done by selecting grapes that are naturally low-sugar, such as grapes grown at a higher altitude or in a cool climate. These conditions slow the maturation of the grape, resulting in lower levels of sugar. There are also grape varieties that can ripen without an increase in sugar levels. 

All of these methods create equally great low-ABV wines, so don’t be put off by a certain process. You may find that you prefer one over the other; wine purists often commit themselves to harvest- and varietal-based methods, but if you ask us, we think they’re missing out. 

Trustworthy Low Alcohol Wine Reviews

Whether you’re new to the world of low-alcohol wines or you’re a seasoned oenophile, you will definitely find something to love. But just like we do with traditional wines, we like to do research. At lo2no.com, we provide you with thorough and thoughtful reviews by experts on all things low- and no-alcohol — including low-ABV wines. 

It can be time-consuming to pick a low-alcohol wine from more traditional offerings, so instead of digging through the crates at your local wine shop, try reading some low-alcohol wine reviews before heading out. They’re a great way to arm yourself with the information you need. Whether you are looking for a low-ABV wine from an established vineyard or seeking a maker who specializes in low-alcohol wines, advice from our experts can steer you toward having a great experience.

Here you will find reviews and ratings of many of the low-alcohol wines on store shelves. We hope you learn a little and get excited to pick up some low-alcohol wine yourself!