Gruvi Alcohol-Free Bubbly Rose


Gruvi Alcohol-Free Bubbly Rose

Rose / Gruvi NA / 0.0%

Our rose is fruity on the nose, and pours a light pink hue. Tiny, effervescent bubbles compliment notes of tart, green apple alongside fresh strawberry. This refreshing wine is gluten free, alcohol free and only 60 calories per bottle.

For centuries, wine was confined to large bottles that you could share with a friend or take down all on your own if you were feeling particularly frisky. But in recent years, single-serving sized containers of vino have been gaining steam, from cans to mini bottles. At the same time, the low-abv and dealcoholized wine industries have gone through a boom themselves. So it is only natural that these two innovations come together in some substantial way. Enter companies like Gruvi.

While Gruvi may, in fact, be more well known for the NA beer that they offer for sale in brightly colored cans, they have also dipped their toe into the wine game, crafting both a dry secco and a bubbly rose that are entirely free of booze. These offerings come in 275-milliliter glass bottles and contain a modest amount of calories compared to traditional alcoholic versions. They are a great size to keep stashed in the fridge for any summer day where you feel the need for bubbles without the buzz. Or you can toss a handful in a cooler, take them to a cookout, and no one would be the wiser. But none of that matters unless they actually taste good. So let’s go through this Gruvi Alcohol-Free Bubbly Rose review and rate the different components of this beverage.

Gruvi Alcohol-Free Bubbly Rose Review

While cans of Gruvi beer come in bright colors that are designed to catch the eye, the label of this Bubbly Rose is more understated, with different shades of pink making up the lines and the front logo. The only tagline is “The drink you deserve” in white font. And the label tells us one bottle contains just 69 calories and 13 grams of sugar. The liquid inside the bottle is a beautiful refreshing pink.

It should perhaps also be noted that Gruvi Bubbly Rose is free of gluten and comes in at 0.0 percent abv, entirely free of alcohol. In order to be deemed non-alcoholic, a beverage must only contain less than 0.5 percent, so this might be a good option for full-on teetotalers.

One comparison that often comes up with a dealcoholized sweet wine is Welch’s grape juice. This is, of course, not typically a positive thing for it to be compared to, and I am concerned that this Rose is giving off that tart juice aroma. Scents can be deceiving though, so I intend to keep an open mind as I work through the rest of this tasting experience.

I will say that there is some liveliness on the nose that keeps me optimistic about the character of this wine. It isn’t simply bursting bubbles but more of a dynamism that hopefully means complexity is in store. The overpowering note, however, is green apple, which in itself isn’t concerning, but knowing what I know about the direction these beverages can go in, I hope this one is different.

Ultimately, these traits don’t mean near as much as what the flavor brings to the tongue. So let’s commence tasting and find an answer to the question, “Is Gruvi Alcohol-Free Bubbly Rose good?”

Is Gruvi Alcohol-Free Bubbly Rose Good?

Upon tasting, I find that I am a bit confused by my own feelings toward this Bubbly Rose. The grape juice character that I suspected from the nose is absolutely present, but for whatever reason it is not as off-putting to me as it is in other beverages that I have sampled.

I think one the of the main reasons that I still enjoy this drink quite a bit is the liveliness that it provides. Just like on the nose, I can’t exactly explain where this zest comes from, because it isn’t simply the carbonation. The flavors that are present just seem to dance on the tongue all the way through the tasting.

These flavors are predominantly tart, but they are still rich. Perhaps that is where this beverage separates itself from something like Welch’s. It isn’t some boring tartness filled with sugar. It is a bright and powerful green apple underlied by notes of strawberry and a very light cherry quality.

The body is light, as you would expect and melts down the sides of the mouth, almost as if it was never really there. While the aroma had a little bit of dryness to the tart character, there is a fair amount of sweetness that appears on the tongue. It is not at all syrupy, though, and generally quite pleasant.

One of my favorite traits of this Rose is the crisp and clean finish that it gives. This is something I always look for to top off one sip and prepare me for the next, and even though this drink comes with strong flavors they are gone in an instant and leave my tongue wanting more.

Coming up with a final Gruvi Alcohol-Free Bubbly Rose rating will be a real challenge for me, as it compares both negatively and favorably to some other offerings that I have tried in the past. We shall see what this means for the grade in the end.

Gruvi Alcohol-Free Bubbly Rose Rating

I am finding myself extremely torn when trying to come up with a fair and balanced final grade for this Bubbly Rose. On the one hand, the grape juice characteristics give off a first impression that reminds me in many ways of other NA wine drinks that have been mostly disappointing. But in this case, it wasn’t. In fact, it was quite delicious. Obviously grape juice has been a very successful drink for many years that people of all ages enjoy, so this shouldn’t come entirely as a surprise, but there do need to be some other wine-like elements around in order to impress me. I think this one has just enough.

So I am surprising even myself by finishing off this Gruvi Alcohol-Free Bubbly Rose review by awarding it a full 5 out of 5 stars. The ultimate goal of any NA beverage, even above mimicking an alcoholic drink, is to taste good. And there is no denying that this dealcoholized beverage is delicious. Pick some up, and you will not be disappointed the next time a hot day rolls around.

If you’d like to purchase Gruvi products, they can all be ordered directly from their website.

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