Gruvi Alcohol-Free Dry Secco


Gruvi Alcohol-Free Dry Secco

Prosecco / Gruvi NA / 0.0%

Non Alcoholic Prosecco is a delicious, carbonated wine crafted from hand picked and blended wine grapes.

As the non-alcoholic wine and beer industries continue to explode with options, I am finding that I still come across plenty of brands who haven’t quite figured it out yet. There is a delicate balance to be struck between making a product healthier by reducing calories and removing alcohol and making sure it still maintains enough character and flavor complexity to be worth purchasing. Typically, but not always, the companies that have been around a bit longer and gone through some trial and error have arrived at a place of higher quality than the new kids on the block. Regardless of the reason, it’s usually apparent from the first sip, perhaps even earlier.

I couldn’t dig up exactly when the brand Gruvi was established, but it was clear from the first time that I sampled one of their products that they know exactly what they are doing. This, of course, doesn’t meant that there isn’t some variance in quality among their array of options, but every product of theirs that I’ve tried meets some baseline of adequacy at the very least, and a few have been remarkably tasty. That is why I am looking forward to diving into one more of their offerings and letting you know how it stands up through this Gruvi Alcohol-Free Dry Secco review.

Gruvi Alcohol-Free Dry Secco Review

The two wine varieties that Gruvi offers come in single-serving 275-milliliter bottles that contain just 50 calories and 0.0 percent alcohol by volume. These small bottles are typically sold in a four-pack that make it easy to toss them in a cooler full of ice and enjoy them throughout a hot day at a cookout or on a boat. I am not personally the type of human who casually sips champagne, but some are, and that’s apparently what these little bottles are intended for.

I am a fan of most of Gruvi’s label designs, though some of the colors of the beer cans seem bold just for bold’s sake. This one finds a happy medium of deep teal with a nice use of negative space. I wish that I hadn’t seen the list of ingredients on the back, as it leads me to believe this won’t be much more than grape juice. That was my biggest criticism of their Rose, but we shall see.

The color of the liquid itself is a very light translucent gold. There is some decent carbonation that lingers on the surface for awhile after opening. That fizz is also one of the main components of the aroma, and hopefully that will lead to some good activity on the tongue. There is, of course, a lot of grape on the nose, but I am happy to find that it’s a bright green grape scent less so than something resembling Welch’s.

While this may not be exactly my ideal style of refreshing NA beverage, there are some good signs here heading into the tasting experience. But the only way to really find out the answer to the question, “Is Gruvi Alcohol-Free Dry Secco good?” is by digging in.

Is Gruvi Alcohol-Free Dry Secco Good?

The easy answer to this question is, “yes.” As with every one of Gruvi’s products that I have tried in the past, there is a standard of quality that is readily apparent the moment this beverage settles on your tongue. There are no elements that stand out as offensive, and it wouldn’t even be obvious that this lacks alcohol if you didn’t know that already.

The first thing that hits my tongue strongly is the carbonation. I really love the activity that it stimulates, as it isn’t overwhelming of the senses but does remind you exactly what you are drinking, dancing down the throat but then cleaning itself from your palette quite nicely on the finish.

In the mouthfeel department, I think I would classify this Secco as semi-dry. The label says dry, and there definitely isn’t much sweetness to it, but as a fan of dry wine I could stand for it to lean a little more heavily in that direction.

In most non-alcoholic beverages, there is an obvious lightness that seems to be the clear result of their being no booze in the recipe. That’s often intentional, as these products are marketed to the more health-conscious consumer. In this instance, the body is on the lighter side – there are just 50 calories after all – but still full and rich. There isn’t that pronounced missing something.

I can’t discern a ton of other distinct flavor notes, which is slightly disappointing. If I try really hard, I can sense just a tiny bit of floral quality. There is also just a hint of tartness to that clean finish. But overall the texture of this drink is bigger than the flavor profile.

It is safe to say that this beverage will end up earning a pretty high grade from me. But I have to add up everything to see just how high. Find out below where I arrive for my final Gruvi Alcohol-Free Dry Secco rating.

Gruvi Alcohol-Free Dry Secco Rating

As I have maintained throughout this review, choosing to sip on a champagne beverage wouldn’t typically be among my first choices on a hot summer day. But after trying this one, I do see how it could be a tantalizing option for some. It doesn’t have any of that syrupy sweetness that often repels me from champagne. It is light and refreshing and much more drinkable, in my opinion, than many similar beverages. You could even stash a pack of them in a cooler and pass them out to everyone as a toast to the shared experience.

While this offering doesn’t trend as far towards Welch’s grape juice as I found their other wine variety did, there still isn’t a ton more to it in terms of flavor complexity. This is the one thing holding it back from receiving a highest score possible. So to wrap up this Gruvi Alcohol-Free Dry Secco review, I will be awarding this beverage 4 out of 5 stars. Very tasty, even if it isn’t what your first instinct tells you to turn to. It delivers precisely on what it promises to be.

If you’d like to purchase Gruvi products, they can all be ordered directly from their website.


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