Klean Pinot Grigio


Klean Pinot Grigio

Pinot Grigio / Klean Low / 9%

With full flavor and fewer calories per serving than the average glass of wine, Klean is an easy choice for the wine lover looking to make healthier drinking choices without sacrificing quality. Utilizing proprietary, innovative technology, our winemaking team reduces the alcohol in Klean wines without watering down flavor or dulling aromas.

Clean living. It is a goal that more and more people are working toward when it comes to what they decide to put in their bodies. That can, of course, mean a lot of different things. For those who enjoy consuming adult beverages, it often means seeking out lower-calories options and cutting back on, or even cutting out altogether, their alcohol intake. Because of this increasing base of consumers, many beer and wine makers have begun crafting and selling non-alcoholic options. But for those individuals who still enjoy a little bit of a buzz but want to be more health-conscious, there are plenty of low-abv options on the market.

Klean is one company that is creating a variety of wines that are low in both calorie count and alcohol content. These can be a great option for those who are looking to build a healthier lifestyle, because of all the benefits that come from an occasional glass of wine. One benefit of these low-abv offerings when compared to NA wines, apart from the obvious, is that they are never put through the dealcoholization process, which I have found often results in the loss of other important characteristics.

No matter what your preference is in wine, Klean likely has something to offer you, everything from Cabernet to Rose to Chardonnay. I decided to crack into their product by sampling the 2020 version of their Pinot Grigio. It’s safe to say that these low-alcohol options are a mixed bag when it comes to overall quality, so let’s find out how this one stacks up with a Klean Pinot Grigio review.

Is Klean Pinot Grigio Good?

Klean is going with a clear aesthetic when you look at the bottle and their marketing techniques. Their label is simple and minimalistic, with no real information displayed on the front other than the calorie count of just 85. This is around two-thirds the amount of a traditional Pinot Grigio.

The backside of the label pushes their strategy a little more heavily, with a tagline of “Full flavor. Fewer calories.” This side of the bottle also contains some tasting notes, which I as a reviewer don’t totally love as I prefer to come by those on my own without preconceptions. I’ll do my best to ignore them and compose an honest review.

Overall, the packaging is elegant, and the liquid itself is a very light golden hue that gives off refreshing vibes. I am excited to crack this bottle of Chilean Pinot Grigio and see what we are working with.

Upon pouring into a glass and taking a big whiff, the predominant element that bursts through is crisp green apple. Very few bubbles are present on the pour. I believe the color of the wine also enhances the fruit presence. There are other potential citrus notes present, possibly pear, but they are largely overshadowed by the apple.

It is a bit tough to deduce the sweetness level from the nose, as the tart apple prevents any sugary quality from coming through. As I try to go deeper into the aroma, I sense a fair bit of dryness that I expect to come through on the tasting. The scent profile in total is very strong but relatively one-note.

Nothing is putting me off from this wine yet, but the only way that we can truly answer the question, “Is Klean Pinot Grigio good?” is by taking a sip and seeing if the flavor stands up.

Klean Pinot Grigio Review

No surprise that the initial burst up on tasting follows the nose pretty clearly. The tart green apple explodes onto your tongue and doesn’t let up for a good while. Sitting with it for a longer period, there are both pear and lime notes that blend into the green apple rather smoothly, but they are still faint when compared to that dominant element.

I was correct to assume this wine would lean on the drier side. If anything, it is actually more dry than I anticipated, with very little sweetness mixed into that sour apple. The body is quite light, just barely floating down my tongue

One thing that I love, particularly in a chilled white wine, is a distinct crisp finish, and this wine has that. This helps prevent the tart tasting notes from being entirely overpowering to the senses, as they are gone as quickly as they arrived, and you’re ready for the next sip.

It’s pretty tough to find much else underneath the surface, but I will say that the flavor is quite refreshing and absolutely keeps your taste buds awake

Nobody will ever be able to say that this Pinot Grigio has no character. The issue lies in whether that tart apple punch is something that you enjoy or not. I can definitely see this wine being polarizing among consumers. For me personally? You’ll have to finish reading and find out what I came up with for a Klean Pinot Grigio rating.

Klean Pinot Grigio Rating

If this were a fully dealcoholized wine, it would be more impressive that Klean managed to maintain such a strong flavor profile. But since it is merely a low-abv version, I have to actually evaluate that flavor for what it is. And while it is by no means offensive to the tongue, it is a shade too much for a casual drinking wine. In general, I am a fan of tart apple flavor, and it’s done well here, I just wish it were toned down a notch or two and allowed some other elements to have more significant roles.

I do like that Klean went in a distinct direction with this varietal. That is typically a better approach, in my opinion, than combining a bunch of different notes that don’t necessarily play well with each other. I think I have to play this one right down the middle and conclude is Klean Pinot Grigio review by handing it a rating of 3 out of 5 stars. It only earns that high of a score because of my personal affinity for green apple. If that is not a flavor you particularly enjoy, I would steer clear of this wine, even though its health-minded characteristics are quite impressive.



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